Black Diamond GIN

Black Diamond is a premium gin made from the world´s finest botanicals. The concept of the bottle is a representation of the appearance of a diamond. The attributes that a diamond has in its form are given by the cutting process that is done to them. Therefore, the geometric shape of the bottle; the angles between faces; and the sculpted details on their faces show those attributes.

Furthermore, if we observe the bottle in detail we can notice that the bottle base and the badge are the shape of an emerald cut diamond (Octagon). Other detail is on the cap of the bottle, if it is seen from the front view we realize that basically it has the shape of an inverted cone which is the classic shape of a diamond seen from the front view as well.

The packaging is made up of two parts that are joined together through the badge, so the badge allows to close the packaging completely and when we open it we can keep the badge apart as a souvenir. Finally, the badge has a monogram of the letters BD which can be seen without problem from two opposite sides.


ScopeBranding, Packaging & DesignYear2021

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